Three Common Side Effects of Psoriasis

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Understanding and managing psoriasis requires deep knowledge and a dedicated approach to treatment. Everest Medspa in Havertown, PA, led by Dr. Xiaobin Li, specializes in providing comprehensive psoriasis treatment. Utilizing advanced laser technologies such as PicoSure and Pico Genesis, we are committed to helping patients manage the symptoms and side effects of psoriasis effectively.

Physical discomfort and skin irritation

A prevalent symptom of psoriasis is the physical discomfort it causes. Patients often experience itching, burning, or soreness in areas affected by the condition. At Everest Medspa, Dr. Li uses the latest advancements in laser treatments, including PicoSure and Pico Genesis, to provide relief from these symptoms. These treatments are not only effective in reducing physical discomfort but also play a crucial role in improving the overall skin health of patients with psoriasis.

Emotional and psychological impact

The side effects of psoriasis go beyond the physical. Many patients struggle with the emotional and psychological impact of the condition. Symptoms of psoriasis can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and cause anxiety in social situations. Dr. Li and our team at Everest Medspa understand the importance of addressing these challenges. We provide a supportive environment where patients can receive comprehensive care, focusing on both the physical and emotional aspects of psoriasis.

Increased risk of skin-related issues

Apart from its primary symptoms, psoriasis can lead to additional skin-related problems, such as severe dryness, cracking, and potential secondary infections. These complications arise from the compromised barrier function of the skin due to psoriasis. Dr. Li at Everest Medspa emphasizes the importance of specialized psoriasis treatment to help prevent these issues. Using her experience with treatments like PicoSure and Pico Genesis, she ensures that patients receive the best care possible to help maintain healthy skin and prevent further complications.

How is psoriasis treated?

Effective treatment of psoriasis in Havertown, PA, involves a multifaceted approach. We use the latest in laser technology, including PicoSure and Pico Genesis, to provide targeted treatments that address the specific symptoms of psoriasis. These psoriasis treatments offer a noninvasive, efficient solution to reduce inflammation and promote skin healing. Additionally, Dr. Li advises patients on lifestyle modifications and skin care routines that help control and manage psoriasis flare-ups, ensuring a comprehensive and patient-focused approach to treatment.

Find relief for psoriasis

Living with psoriasis can be challenging, but with the right support and treatment, it can become a manageable condition. If you are experiencing symptoms of psoriasis, consider reaching out to Everest Medspa in Havertown, PA. Led by Dr. Xiaobin Li, our dedicated team is ready to assist you with advanced treatments like PicoSure and Pico Genesis. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step toward effective psoriasis management and improving your quality of life.

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