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Achieve Clearer-Looking Skin with Laser Acne Treatments

Meet Our Team | 02/26/2024

Whether your breakouts are a mild nuisance or you have severe acne that disrupts your everyday life, laser acne treatment may help.


Where Can Melasma Patches Appear on the Face?

Meet Our Team | 01/14/2024

Learn all about the causes and signs of melasma and discover how targeted laser treatments can help reduce its appearance for a more even skin tone.


Reduce Signs of Sun Damage with IPL Photofacial Treatment

Meet Our Team | 12/24/2023

Too much sun can lead to skin issues like uneven pigmentation and roughness, which can be effectively treated with IPL photofacial sessions.


Three Common Side Effects of Psoriasis

Meet Our Team | 11/18/2023

The side effects of psoriasis extend beyond discomfort, affecting emotional well-being and increasing your risk of skin-related complications.


How Soon Can I Notice Results After Laser Acne Treatment?

Meet Our Team | 10/13/2023

If you're tired of struggling with breakouts, laser acne treatments can provide fast results with long-lasting rejuvenation for a clearer complexion.


Can Too Much Sun Exposure Cause Melasma?

Meet Our Team | 09/22/2023

Learn about the connection between UV exposure and your skin's health — and your treatment options for dealing with darkened or sun-damaged skin.


How Can I Prepare My Skin for IPL Photofacial Treatment?

Meet Our Team | 08/29/2023

Learn all about the IPL photofacial process, including how to prepare your skin, what to expect during treatment, and how to maintain your results.


What Type of Acne Can be Treated With Laser Acne Treatment?

Meet Our Team | 07/31/2023

Discover effective laser acne treatment with Dr. Xiaobin Li at Everest Medspa in Havertown, PA for clearer, more confident skin.


How Does Laser Psoriasis Treatment Work?

Meet Our Team | 07/28/2023

Learn how PicoSure and Pico Genesis laser psoriasis treatments help to reduce symptoms, provide relief, and improve patients' quality of life.


Who Is Most Likely to Get Melasma?

Meet Our Team | 05/20/2023

Learn about the most common causes of melasma, such as genetics, UV exposure, and gender, and discover treatment options.


Three Skin Conditions Improved with IPL Therapy

Meet Our Team | 04/22/2023

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, sun damage, or acne, IPL treatment might be the ideal solution to even your tone and rejuvenate your skin.


What Does Psoriasis Look Like on the Scalp?

Meet Our Team | 03/28/2023

Find out how to identify and treat the root causes of scalp psoriasis and help remove any resulting hyperpigmentation.


Is Laser Acne Treatment Painless?

Meet Our Team | 02/28/2023

Reduce skin inflammation with minimal discomfort and no downtime with laser acne treatment.


Why Do I Have Scaly Rashes On My Forehead?

Meet Our Team | 10/31/2022

Could the scaly rashes on your forehead be psoriasis? If so, they may leave behind discolored areas, but laser hyperpigmentation treatment can help.


What Will Facial Skin Feel Like After IPL Therapy?

Meet Our Team | 08/29/2022

Learn what to expect almost immediately after an IPL photofacial, and find out how your skin texture may improve over time.


Can Melasma on the Face be Treated During Pregnancy?

Meet Our Team | 07/24/2022

It's common for pregnant women to have melasma on areas like the face and neck. Learn how laser hyperpigmentation treatment clears away dark spots.


What Signs of Aging Can be Improved With IPL Therapy?

Meet Our Team | 04/29/2022

Signs of aging like fine lines and age spots take a toll on your appearance. Read about IPL therapy and how treatment can make you look years younger.


What is Psoriasis and Where Can It Form on the Body?

Meet Our Team | 03/31/2022

Dry skin and red patches are just two uncomfortable psoriasis symptoms. Learn how laser hyperpigmentation treatment improves your overall skin health.


How Safe is Laser Acne Treatment for Dark Skin?

Meet Our Team | 02/27/2022

Laser acne treatment can reduce unwanted breakouts and blemishes. See how laser therapy works and if treatment is safe for darker skin tones.


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