Breast Augmentation in Wayne, PA

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What is Breast Augmentation?

Cosmetic breast surgery is a procedure that redefines the breasts to create a fuller look. Known as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentations provide numerous opportunities for improvement to women who may be unhappy with their breast appearance. By utilizing breast implants or fat grafting, this procedure improves breast shape and size and produces a beautiful and youthful outcome. Doctor of Medicine Dr. Xiaobin Li is experienced in implementing this surgery and performs numerous breast augmentations every year. When you have your consultation at Everest Medspa in Wayne and Havertown, PA, Dr. Li will assess your concerns and desires and provide you with all the options available while creating a surgical plan to meet your personal goals.

Implant Options

When you come for your consultation with Dr. Li, the appropriate implant will be selected based on your body size, shape, and desired outcome. Breast implants are made in different shapes, sizes, profiles, and textures — each of which is considered carefully to achieve the desired appearance. Still, the most common implant types are saline or silicone, both widely popular and approved for use per the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is important to mention that candidates considering saline implants must be 18 years of age, while patients must be 22 years of age to undergo surgery with silicone. Other options include gummy bear implants and an autologous approach through fat grafting. In addition to the type of implant used, there are other important factors to decide.


Implant size is determined based on the cubic centimeters (CCs) of saline or silicone used. To understand the correct volume, Dr. Li will measure how much original tissue exists and the size you hope to achieve. During surgery, it is common for Dr. Li to temporarily switch out multiple implants to get a better idea of a suitable fit.


Breast implants are produced in either a round or teardrop shape. Both shapes are commonly used; however, a large majority of our patients decide on a round implant. It generally appears more natural while adding the fullness to the upper breast that most patients desire.


Breast implant profile equates to how far out the implant looks (projection). In other words, this is what one sees from the side angle. The most common projections include low, intermediate, high, or extra high.

Making Your Choices

We understand all of these considerations may appear overwhelming, but choosing the appropriate implant is somewhat easy once the goals are understood during the consultation. These considerations, paired with the knowledge of Dr. Li, ensure the right outcome is achieved.

How Is A Breast Augmentation Performed?

Incision type and implant location are decisions that will need to be made before surgery. During breast augmentation, an incision is created, and then the appropriate breast implant will be slipped into its position. Two techniques may be used for implant placement. These include either under the pectoral muscle or submammary/subglandular placement (over the pec muscle). Where to place the implant is based on numerous factors, including the overall type and size of the implant, along with the opinion of Dr. Li. Regardless of incision type, scarring is generally minimal. Implant placement is based on your body type, implant size, and lifestyle.

Get the Look You Want

Breast augmentation surgery is well sought out for many excellent reasons. This procedure is FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness and produces beautiful aesthetic results. With numerous augmentation options available, you can achieve the appearance you have always wanted. Everest Medspa is proud to offer this proven procedure, and we welcome you to learn more. Please contact Everest Medspa in Wayne or Havertown, PA to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Xiaobin Li.

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