Harmony XL PRO Laser Acne Treatment in Wayne, PA

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What is a Laser Acne Treatment?

Acne can range from a minor cosmetic issue to severe and cystic. People who experience cystic acne may have severe blackheads or inflamed cysts on their face, neck, back, shoulders, chests, arms, and thighs. If you have tried many medications, ointments, or lotions, but your acne still isn't going away, laser acne treatment with the Harmony XL PRO could be an excellent way to finally get relief. After completing treatment at Everest Medspa, our Wayne and Havertown, PA patients notice tremendous improvements in their skin and are overjoyed with the results. We encourage you to arrange an appointment with Xiaobin Li, M.D. so we can help you consider this powerful approach.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Acne Treatments?

Acne struggles are a central complaint that might eat away at an individual's self-esteem. At Everest Medspa, our laser acne treatment provides our Wayne and Havertown, PA patients with any acne kinds and complaints with numerous perks:

  • Clearer, refreshed skin
  • Softer, balanced skin texture
  • Trusted procedure that targets the root cause
  • Greater enjoyment of your skin's aesthetic

Who Is A Candidate for Laser Acne Treatment?

Individuals of all ages can suffer from moderate to severe acne. Havertown, PA individuals who experience cystic acne usually have excess blemishes, blackheads, or clogged pores that occur on various sections of the body. Laser acne technology is a wonderful selection for people who have tried various solutions, including supplements, ointments, or lotions. It can help individuals achieve softer skin by stopping oil and dead skin buildup. Our group provides the newest laser technologies that often work great on most skin complexions with proven outcomes. Throughout your first visit, our skin care professionals will carefully examine your skin and acne to see if you are a likely candidate for this treatment.

How Do Laser Acne Treatments Work?

We will begin by sanitizing your skin. If necessary, individuals will be given protective goggles to conceal their eyes. Throughout the 30-minute session, our team will carefully guide the laser around the face to take out whiteheads and eradicate acne-causing microorganisms. You may feel some tenderness during the session, although many individuals describe it as an annoying stinging sensation. The procedure helps renew the skin, helping men and women achieve a beautiful appearance.


How is laser acne treatment done?
In order to perform this technique, someone on our staff will pick the Harmony XL Pro handpiece that is right for your unique situation. We will then maneuver the laser and vacuum device over the targeted regions to gently heat the area and clear your pores.

How much does laser acne treatment cost?
The price of laser acne treatment varies based on the severity of each case. In many cases, severe acne will require multiple treatments to get under control. During the strategizing stage, Dr. Li will assess the state of your complexion and suggest how many appointments you should have to achieve a clear complexion.

How long will my results last?
Results following laser-assisted acne treatment are different for every patient. Since laser acne removal targets current blemishes, you might need to receive touch-up procedures if your acne begins to flare up again. You should also practice a consistent skin care regimen!

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