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What Is A Facelift?

As we navigate the journey of life, our faces often start to bear the marks of time. Wrinkles may start to appear, and skin might begin to sag, not just because of aging but also due to the pull of gravity, exposure to the sun, genetic factors, and various other stressors. The good news is, a facelift can serve as a personal time machine, visibly reversing some signs of an older-looking face. Depending on your concerns and goals for surgery, a facelift can focus on the eyes, the cheeks and mid-face and/or the bottom two-thirds of the face, including the jowls, mouth, and neck for an all-around younger look. The facelift technique used depends on your goals, the health and condition of your skin, the degree of skin laxity, your lifestyle, age, and anatomy. Some individuals are of age and have skin laxity for a full facelift, while some may only want a mid-face lift. Our surgeons at Everest Medspa in Wayne and Havertown, PA are experienced and have a complete understanding of the complex anatomy of a facelift procedure. The overall goal is to produce a natural look that's smooth and appealing.

How Is A Facelift Performed?

Many patients undergo facelift procedures in our surgical suite, conveniently located in Havertown, PA. To ensure comfort, we provide patients with medication to manage pain and promote relaxation and use tumescent local anesthesia for numbing. While you'll remain awake throughout the procedure, you'll be in a state of deep relaxation, experiencing minimal discomfort. During a facelift, skin from both sides of the face is gently pulled back to allow modification of the underlying tissues. These tissues are then meticulously sculpted to help achieve a more youthful appearance. Before securing the skin back in place, any superfluous layers are carefully removed. Facelift results can have a long-term impact, often lasting as long as 10 years. However, the duration of these outcomes can vary from one individual to another.

Turn Back the Clock on Aging

Cosmetic facial surgery can turn back the hands of time for your face and help create a rejuvenated look. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of choices for surgery based on your personal concerns and goals. This surgery is designed to make you younger-looking but provide a natural glow. To learn more, we welcome you to contact Everest Medspa in Wayne or Havertown, PA to schedule your consult.

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